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Tea Room
Call about the Low Tea or book a special event.

More Boarding House Treasures below

  1. Indian, Indonesian, African
    $5 main dish; $2.50 each side
    Samosas, raita, chutney; lamb curry; W. African peanut soup
  2. Russian, E. Europe, Baltic Area
    $5 main dish; $2.50 each side
    Beef stroganoff, kielbasa & red cabbage, strawberries Romanoff
  3. British Isles & the Orient
    $5 main dish; $2.50 each side
    Irish stew, Welsh rarebit, Thai satay, lo mein
  4. Eastern Europe
    $5 main dish; $2.50 each side
    Oktoberfest favorites: goulaschsuppe, dark rye bread, beer cheese, oven-fried Chicken schnitzel, German potato salad, red cabbage; French meat loaf, paella
  1. Caribbean, C. & S. America
    $5 main dish; $2.50 each side
    Arroz con pollo, Cuban black beans & rice, guacamole, salsa, picadillo, flan w/caramel sauce, nacho plate, chicken enchiladas, Cuban pineapple cream cake
  2. Mid-East, Mediterranean
    $5 main dish; $2.50 each side
    Moroccan lemon chicken, garlic couscous, hummus w/pita, Greek spinach & cheese pies, tzatziki sauce w/pita
  3. Down Home: meat loaf, chicken & pastry
Treasures-910-850-1705, or Tea Room 910-527-7455

 Boarding House Tea Room is available by reservation only for special events.  Call Carla.
Boarding House Treasures open  by  appointment only  at 910-850-1705