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Tea Room Menu for December 2016
                   Down Home                                 Around the World
  1. Moroccan Chicken w/Lemon
    Mildly spiced chicken breasts w/lemon slices, green and Kalamata olives and garbanzo beans
  2. Garlic and Olive Oil Couscous
    Petite semolina grains richly flavored with garlic and olive oil (Contains soy products)
  3. Zucchini, Tomato & Almond Salad
    Flavorful salad wafting rosemary, cinnamon, coriander & ginger in a base of blanched Julienned zucchini, cherry tomatoes, & slivered almonds w/lemon juice, white wine & chicken broth.
  4. Boarding House "Reach" Lunch
    includes one main item and 2 sides (mix and match), plus 1 cup of coffee/glass of tea (2nd cup/glass is $1.50; desserts $3.00)
Boarding House "Reach"
Lunch Sunday Brunch
Thursdays & Fridays-11:30-1:30 Sundays-11:30-1:30
“Pot Luck” Sunday Supper

Thursdays & Fridays-11:30-1:30 Sundays-11:30-1:30
“Pot Luck” Sunday Supper

Dinner High

Tea (by Reservation from Contact page)

Thursdays-Saturdays-4:30-6:30 1st Sunday each month 3-5

Additional standby choices are also available:
Main Course-Quiche of the Day $5.00

Side-Signature Spinach Salad

$2.50 - Small                  $5.00 - Large
Boarding House Reach
Bottomless tea or Coffee
for only $1.00 more
(if purchased with "Reach’ lunch”)
Desserts also available:
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake-$3.00                Pears Poached in Red Wine-$3.00
Or you can choose from one of our “Dessert Standby’s”
​​Peanut Butter Cookies -$3.00                Peanut Butter Cookies -$3.00
​​Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies -$3.00                Orange-Rum Cake -$4.00
​​Iced Lemon-Thyme Cookies-$3.00
(Call Carla about larger quantity prices)
Call: 910-491-7777,
Treasures-910-850-1705, or Tea Room 910-527-7455