1. Furniture
    1950's 3-piece original finish maple bedroom set (single bed): headboard, foot-board, frame, chest-of-drawers and dresser
  2. Jewelry
    $3.00 to $300.00
    From small costume jewelry to sterling silver and well known jewelers
  3. Pottery and Ceramics
    $5.00 to $75.00
    Hand-made pottery vases, bowls and flower pots
  1. Serving Pieces
    Vintage German ceramic cannisters, for staples, such as spices, oil and vinegar (white, yellow, blue, green, silver)
  2. Paintings/Prints/Artwork
    $5.00 to $400.00
    Over 150 paintings and works of art
  3. Misc. Collectibles
    Vintage items & collectibles: vintage tools, black Jubilee bowls & casserole dish, cast iron toy wagons, dolls, buttons, marbles, bears, pink rose throw, handmade stagecoach, hand-carved wooden statue of Don Quixote
Vintage cast iron toy horse-drawn carriages
Collectible & Vintage Items,
china, toys, tools, artwork
Vintage birdcage; wall shelving with drawers and pegs

Call: 910-491-7777,
Treasures-910-850-1705, or Tea Room 910-527-7455


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