Collectible & Vintage Items,
Tools, Toys, Baskets,  Bears

Furniture, Artwork,  Brass, Ceramics, Silver, Porcelain
Tea Room Menu:
Tea Room Bakery Items w/rotating comfort foods from Down Home & Around-the-World 


  1. Furniture
    1950's 3-piece original finish maple bedroom set (single bed): headboard, foot-board, frame, chest-of-drawers and dresser
  2. Jewelry
    $3.00 to $300.00
    From small costume jewelry to sterling silver and well known jewelers
  3. Pottery and Ceramics
    $5.00 to $75.00
    Hand-made pottery vases, bowls and flower pots
  1. Serving Pieces
    Vintage German ceramic cannisters, for staples, such as spices, oil and vinegar (white, yellow, blue, green, silver)
  2. Paintings/Prints/Artwork
    $5.00 to $400.00
    Over 150 paintings and works of art
  3. Misc. Collectibles
    Vintage items & collectibles: vintage tools, black Jubilee bowls & casserole dish, cast iron toy wagons, dolls, buttons, marbles, bears, pink rose throw, handmade stagecoach, hand-carved wooden statue of Don Quixote
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Boarding House Treasures and Tea Room History
Treasures:  Collectibles and Antiques

 High Tea, Boarding House Reach Lunch, Sunday Brunch, Dinner & Pot Luck Sunday Supper
The building which houses Boarding House Treasures and Tea Room was constructed circa 1907 as a boarding house for Mill #4 across the street.  Located in Historic Mill Village, it is listed in the National Historic Register.   Within a few blocks of Hope Mills Lake, the future Hope Mills Museum, other antique and craft stores,  as well as eateries and public parking,  BHT provides nostalgia in every sense.   The front two-story structure served as the boarding house and the rear one-story building was the detached kitchen.  When plumbing came to the area in the early 1950's, the two were attached by a breezeway.  The Superintendent of the Mill lived here for a while,  and the Taylor Family bought the house in 1954, living in it until 2007.  The breezeway and adjacent large deck now serve as a welcoming side entry to our business. 

Mason has been a collector since the 1970's, having had booths at the Raleigh Fair Grounds for 7 years, and locally at the Livery and Lodestone.  And Carla was a flight attendant with Pan Am for over 20 years and collected items from all over the world. 
We want to share our treasures with you (local pick-up only). 

 High Tea, Boarding House ​Reach Lunch, Sunday Brunch, Dinner & Pot Luck Sunday Supper
Tea Room concept:

Carla also has sampled numerous cuisines during her world travels and wants to offer her favorites in our charming tea room, which seats a maximum of 16.  The Boarding House Tea Room is eclectic in its theme, as is the decor.  Because of the homey environment of the Boarding House, there will be a Boarding House "Reach" Lunch (family style at the 4-6-person tables), featuring one menu of "Down Home" favorites, such as meat loaf or chicken and pastry, with two sides.  Because of my interest in different international cuisines, I also want to offer a small menu daily that will allow you to travel with me "Around the World".  Regions of the world will rotate every 6 months, and my favorite recipes will be shared.  In December we will have Middle Eastern and Mediterranean, featuring a tasty Ligurian lemon chicken with olives and chickpeas, to be served over couscous.  There is a zucchini, cherry tomato, almond salad as the 2nd side.  In addition to the Main courses and two sides for each cuisine, there will also be the standby quiche of the day, and a Boarding House signature spinach salad.

If you are "meat-and-potatoes," we've got it.  If you like to try different cuisines and like to experiment with your palate of flavors,  try mine on for size.  Or if you are making an attempt to try something new, but just can't quite go "all the way," you can mix and match.  Just choose one main course of the three (including the quiche), and two sides of the five available (including the salad).

The Boarding House "Reach" price of only $10.00 or $12.00 (still being costed), which  also includes one cup or glass of coffee or tea, with an extra charge for refills.

The bakery items expected with a tea room will vary, with a  rotating dessert for both the "Down Home" and the "Around the World" menus available separately.  In addition, there are standby bakery items, available every day of service (Thursday-Sunday); they are:  classic peanut butter cookies, jumbo oatmeal raisin cookies, and my favorite, my iced lemon-thyme cookie.  Home-made banana-nut bread is also available, and a holiday favorite (but my standby), orange-rum cake with crushed walnuts.

 A weekly Sunday brunch will also be served between 11:30 and 1:30, and the "Pot Luck" Sunday Supper between 3-5 PM. 
The prices for the Brunch, the Sunday Supper and the High Tea are still being determined and will be updated on this website once set. 

You ask, " Why do you call it a Tea Room ?"  The 1st Sunday of each month, starting in February, we'll have a traditional high tea, by reservations only, from 3-5 PM.  The cute little dining room has the feel of a tea room, but the coziness of a Boarding House meal.  If enough of my friends want the High Tea  tradition more often, this could expand to a second Tea the 3rd Sunday of each month. 

I want to serve what you want.  You dictate the recipes I serve.   Your feedback is important; you can even share your favorite recipes and cuisines.  Are my standby's what you would like to have?  I want to always offer something you can depend on, since I am rotating my menu, but we may find another "have-to-have" standby by trying something new.  

Stop by and share the nostalgia of our past and the hospitality of your new friends, Mason and Carla!


THURSDAY -11:30-6:30